APC RAPPORTO REGIONALE 2017 - Associazione Produttori Caravan e Camper


Campania Region is the protagonist of the 6th edition of “Rapporto Regionale sul Turismo in Libertà in Camper e Caravan”. In last edition of APC Rapporto Nazionale, the Region held by Vincenzo de Luca stood out especially for the second-hand market, where it is top-ranked in Southern Italy with 1,006 transfers of ownership. Campania is high-ranked also in the caravan sector in South Italy, amounting to 5.2% of the global Italian market – new and second-hand vehicles included. Campania has definitely reached a higher position as per the awareness and attention shown toward Tourism in Freedom, ranking among the best regions in the South and confirming its ever-growing interest in motorhomes and caravans.

APC Rapporto Regionale aims to become an information instrument useful for institutional bodies, operators, the press and the stakeholders working to promote and support the Italian territory.

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